About Montana Girl

Meet Montana Girl

Hello! I'm Kelley Smiley, founder of Montana Girl Mustard and proud Billings, Montana native. While attending Montana State University, I worked in several positions in the restaurant business. First, starting as a prep cook, then moving on to baker, breakfast and lunch cook, dinner chef’s assistant, server, and bartender. It was here that I honed some of my cooking skills. I currently work in IT at Things Remembered in Cleveland, Ohio but still find time to make a variety of dishes at home. One in particular has always caught the palate of my friends and family….mustard! I have taken a family recipe given to me decades ago and made it my own by adding a little more heat and a little more sweet!.

My daughter Lindsey, now a student at the University of Cincinnati, was also born in Montana and my husband Don and I were married in Glacier National Park in 2008. My family is still there, so we get out there to visit as often as we can. It is truly the Big Sky Country!

Meet our mustard

Montana Girl Mustard is made from an old family recipe that starts off with just the right amount of sweet and finishes with a spicy Montana cowgirl kick. What started out as an occasional holiday treat for family and friends is now a staple year-round at picnics, tail-gating parties, and fishing trips. This versatile mustard brings the “giddy up” to any occasion! Remember, One taste……you’ll be Branded!

Tangy potato salad? Check.

Mustard glazed salmon? Oh yeah.

Mixed with barbecue sauce and slathered on a rack of tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs? Yee-haw!

No preservatives. No fuss. Just mustard. Take home a taste of Montana today.